"Water in the Draw"

Don Crowley Fine Art Print - Water in the Draw

Title: Water in the Draw
Date: 1997
Edition: 550
Size:  20"x23.5"
Price:  $160.00 (unframed print)

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Artist's Statement:
It's a group of cattle who have had everything possible done to them: they've been weighed and tagged and poked and examined and de-ticked; and now they're on their way back to pasture and they've stopped off at the waterhole for a little refreshment before they're divided up and go back to their respective places. I've been doing these kinds of paintings all along but my specialty has been the Paiute women. But I've been visiting ranches and researching cowboys for almost twenty-two years now. In fact, I'll be going back to a ranch in a month or so to be part of the action. In any case, I was going to title the print The Fishing Pond, but a fellow told me how much the image reminded him of an old cowboy song lyric. I had to agree, so Water in the Draw it became.