"The Dreamer"

Don Crowley Fine Art Print - The Dreamer

Title: The Dreamer
Date: 1994
Edition: 650
Size:  18.5"x15" (unframed print)
Price:  $150.00

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Artist's Statement:
The first thing I noticed about this charming scene was the colorful and unique cradleboard. Each tribe has its own design, and this is an Apache cradleboard, naturally, since the baby, who is only a few months old, is also Apache. Anyone familiar with my work knows that I sometimes have problems with my young subjects' staying still. I'm happy to say that, with this grandchild of the tribe's medicine man, there was no such problem. Adding to the atmosphere is the colorful Pendleton blanket, an item commonly found at the trading post on the reservation. Every family has two or three of them. The flowers around the cradleboard are brittlebush. All in all, I think they balanced the image nicely.