"Plumes and Ribbons"

Don Crowley Fine Art Prints - Plumes and Ribbons

Title: Plumes and Ribbons
Date: 1994
Edition: 650
Size:  19.5"x23"
Price:  $160.00 (unframed print)

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Artist's Statement:
This Paiute dancer has put together a costume that is at once traditional and individual. She is participating in a traditional dance contest and is making a critical appraisal of the other dancers as she waits her turn to perform. I've always been intrigued by the beauty and imagination of native costumes. They incorporate natural elements-like bird feathers, animal skins, sea shells, and porcupine quills-along with manmade items-like glass beads and cloth-in a way that rivals the most imaginative designs of European couturiers. The impressionistic background I painted is something I've begun to use more and more. I have been trying to come up with a method of incorporating the impressionistic with the very realistic. It makes things a little more interesting.