"Colors of the Sunset"

Don Crowley Fine Art Print - Colors of the Sunset

Title: Colors of the Sunset
Date: 1992
Edition: 650
Size:  21.75"x26" (unframed print)
Price:  $175.00

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Artist's Statement:
I've attempted many times to capture the golden glow of the desert sunset in my paintings. The desert takes on a really beautiful glow about that time at night. The yellow starquilt depicted in this painting seemed like the perfect prop for another try; not to mention the beautiful Paiute girl wrapped in the blanket. The starquilt is a blanket that's designed and made by the Assiniboine, a Canadian tribe that gives them out as gifts. The girl is part of a family who comes to visit me every year. During that visit we work up ideas for paintings. This particular pose came about when she just happened to sit down on one particular rock and the light just happened to be exactly right. It was very spontaneous.